Saturday, December 16, 2006

Andrei Chikatilo - Serial Killer/Rapist/Golfer

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How does one of Russia's most notorious murderers spend his time when he isn't reducing the population one person at a time? Why he golfs, of course! Second only to killing the lowest rungs of society, Chikatilo enjoys nothing more than taking in a round of 18 holes after stabbing 18 holes into his latest victim.

Andrei Chikatilo has killed so many over the years, not even the police know exactly how many. Although this colourful zealot was convicted of 52 murders, only he himself really knows how many people he's actually finished off. Indeed, if he keeps track of his victims like he keeps track of his golf score no one will ever know!

This renaissance murderer likes nothing better than carving up the links after carving up some children. Always an endearing character on the fairway the only thing worse than his slice on the tee is when its disembowelling a prostitute after drinks on the 19th.

In a recent interview headstrong Andrei mentioned his passion for golf was only matched by his passion for murder, to quote: "If only we could get more kids enjoying the game and becoming members at our local clubs, I'd be able to halve my monthly petrol bill, and my handicap!" cackled an excited Andrei.

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Teeing off on the Intermediate Course

So what lies ahead for Chikatilo in 2007? With his determination and incomparable focus, he intends on turning pro in the first quarter of 2007. "I know I can do it, when you are this passionate about what makes you happy you only need ask my last 52 victims to know how much I want this to happen... well, if they weren't stabbed to pieces in shallow graves they could tell you, that is."

We look forward to seeing Andrei tearing up the links and tearing up more innocent russians in the very near future.

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